Optimize sanitation by eliminating pathogens where they hide. Used by hospitals, repackagers, and manufacturers alike, Biomist uses a penetrating anti-microbial and alcohol-based mist that reaches contamination often missed by traditional sanitation techniques. This non-corrosive formula easily evaporates leaving surfaces dry and ready for use.  Far more effective and far less expensive to use than traditional sanitizing methods while being safe for employees and equipment.

Biomist Micro

Like the Biomist SS20 system, the Mini can sanitize more completely and with far less effort and complexity than any previous sanitation method.

Biomist Mini

The Mini is low-maintenance, portable and does not require electricity for operation. The Biomist Mini Sanitizing System is registered with the FDA as a medical device. 

Biomist SS20

The Biomist system sanitizes more completely and with far less effort and complexity. The penetrating mist reaches into small cracks and crevices.