Biomist SS20

The Biomist system sanitizes more completely and with far less effort and complexity than any previous sanitation method. It is the first safe method for power spraying equipment and facilities with an alcohol based solution. The penetrating mist reaches into small cracks and crevices that are impossible to reach with other sanitizing methods and kills pathogens where they hide. The Biomist formula D2 is an EPA and NSF approved hospital-grade disinfectant that is non-corrosive and safe for use on precision equipment, electronics, and food contact surfaces. The Biomist Power Sanitizing System is made in the USA, registered with the FDA, and is certified compliant with most relevant industry standards.

It is now utilized by:

• Ambulance services and fire departments
• Hospitals and long-term care facilities
• Food production and packaging companies
• Pharmaceutical manufacturers
• Food service industries
• Medical and dental offices
• Hotels, resort inns and spas
• Athletic facilities

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