Barcode Labels

Accu-Chart’s high-quality labels are compatible with the AccuPrint barcode label printers and come in a variety of sizes, colors and formats.  Labels feature a special coating to protect them from moisture as a result of spills or refrigeration, and various color options allow use for high-risk or specialty medications.  Accu-Chart is also the creator of the patented Multi-Flag™ label.

The Multi-Flag™ label has helped countless facilities streamline their insulin process to save on cost and waste. The Multi-Flag™ label is precisely designed to identify a multidose container, and the medication being removed from the multidose container. This positive identification method is a vital step in preventing medication errors from pharmacy to patient bedside.

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Learn how our AccuPrint™ and Multi-Flag™ labels helped Stony Brook University Hospital reduce insulin waste and save over $216,000 annually!

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