A Little About Us

About Accu-Chart®

One of the biggest concerns in the health care industry is medication errors accounting for over 100,000 injuries every year in the United States. Patient safety is a top priority for hospital administrators and pharmacists alike. Accu-Chart® Plus Health Care Systems has established itself as a respected leader in the health care industry by being one of the first companies to market computerized unit dose packaging equipment with barcode printing capability as early as 1982. The company’s products provide viable solutions for drug distribution, inventory control, and cost reduction. Accu-Chart® has a wide array of manual and automated packaging machines as well as barcode labeling printers offering efficient, compact, high-quality systems with superior customer support.

With more than thirty years of doing business on a global scale, Accu-Chart® is continually pursuing improvements in modern drug distribution for inpatient and operating room pharmacies. Serving over 4,000 hospitals and nursing homes in USA, Mexico, Chile, Brazil, Peru, France, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Spain and other countries of the world, the company is a major force in the international market.

Our Founder

With over 40 years of experience, Tim Cloninger has been revolutionizing the health care industry and was a key partner in developing the first computerized unit dose packaging equipment with barcode printing capability in 1982. Since then, Tim’s innovations have contributed to improving bedside drug identification, increasing dosage accuracy, and reducing packaging costs. He is behind some of the first bedside barcode scanning systems used by hospitals all over the world.

A recipient of the Parke-Davis Award for the Successful Implementation of a Computerized Unit-Dose Drug Dispensing System, among other accolades, Tim has made it his life’s work to provide hospitals with groundbreaking barcode technology to help prevent medication errors. Tim’s passion for patient safety led him to develop the much-needed and sought-after Multi-Flag label, a patented label that allows for the complete identification of multi-dose items such as insulin. This has allowed medical professionals to streamline their insulin process to reduce cost and waste while focusing on patient care.

As an educator at the forefront of medication error prevention, Tim has been invited to speak at renowned health care conventions around the globe, including those in Brazil, Greece, Malaysia, Spain, Mexico, USA, among many others. His commitment to barcode technology has helped over 4,000 facilities worldwide in their efforts to reduce medication errors and increase patient safety.

Through his dedication to the prevention of medication errors and use of automated packaging machines and barcode systems, Tim continues his invaluable work today as the founder and president of Accu-Chart® Plus Health Care Systems.