We offer systems that work for pharmacists and work brilliantly, providing innovative, customized solutions to enhance workflow in the pharmacy. Each pharmacy is unique.

We offer a turn-key process:

1.  Planning
2.  Design
3.  Manufacturing
4.  Installation Custom creating pharmacies for pharmacists starts with on-site, one-on-one interviews. We ask the right questions to pinpoint your pharmacy needs, challenges and opportunities.

From the formation of the initial concept through a detailed CAD drawing, our team works closely with you to create the overall plan. We provide a custom-fitted design which means unparalleled comfort and precision ergonomics. Intelligent customization and quality manufacturing provide a seamless integration of components to satisfy your visual, quality and performance concerns. We offer total system solutions, including automated dispensing stations, order processing centers, computer centers, storage for medications and IV solutions, and all fixtures necessary for medication preparation in sterile compounding centers. Manual areas and automation need to function at peak efficiency. The casework merges with the robotic systems for a fine-tuned, high-tech pharmacy.