Semi-Automatic Deblister-RX2

The Press-Out Semi Automatic has only one adjustable set of change parts and can be set up for almost any blister pack up to 170mm wide. It is ideal for small batches and saves the fingers and joints by replacing hand deblistering. With very little practice 40 packs per minute can be recovered cleanly and hygienically.

  • Blister Type – Push-thru
  • Blisters Layout – In line layout
  • Operation – Manual
  • Machine Construction – All product areas are stainless steel 316 and ABS food grade
  • Maximum Pack Size – 4.7″ W x Unlimited L
  • Operating Speed – Up to 40 blister packs per minute
  • Power Supplies – None required
  • Machine Dimensions – 8″ W x 12″ L

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