Axial™ Multi-Dose


Excited to announce the introduction of two new packaging machines in 2019. The Axial™ RMD-144, featuring 144 canisters, and the Axial™ RMD-352, featuring 352 canisters.

These next generation solid packaging machines can unit dose or multi-dose solid medications at speeds up to 65 packages per minute. Storing up to 15 canisters of one medication for high volume runners, the machines can continue to produce as canisters are replaced.


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Full Specifications

Key Features:


  • 2 models: 144/352 canister machines

  • Small footprint: 2×2 foot (144 canisters) and 2×4 foot (352 canisters) machines

  • Speeds up to 65 packages/minute

  • A 6.5″ LCD panel built into the machine at eye level for ease of operation

  • Smart canisters have RFID technology

  • Built in dehumidifier

  • Provides 300 DPI thermal transfer printing and can produce linear or 2D barcodes

  • Packaging materials contain technology that provides Fast Easy Opening

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